How To Make Seblak Recipe (Bandung Food)

Seblak - Bandung has a variety of food that is worth a try. If you are walking or passing through to the Bandung city could not hurt to try seblak. this one has a snack tempting delights. But if you are not able to Bandung, you can really make seblak because it is quite easy. we will give you the recipe how to make seblak. here's how :

Material :
  • crackers kanji 50 gr
  • Can add meatballs, sausage, cut into thin
  • 1 chicken egg in the whipped
  • 1 stalk green onion, finely sliced
  • 1 stalk celery, chopped
  • Fried onions, adjust
  • Soy sauce, adjust
  • Right amount of oil

Seasoning blend:
  • Cayenne 5 pieces
  • Red onion 2 cloves
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Kemiri 1 pieces
  • Kencur 3 cm

Recipe how to make seblak : 
  1. Heat water to boiling, and soak raw crackers until melted and drain. Add a little cooking oil that is not sticky and flat crackers.
  2. Seasoning mashed pulverized and saute until fragrant smell
  3. Add meatballs, sausage that is cut, celery, leek then stir.
  4. Put crackers that have been drained before, mix well. Add the beaten eggs and mix again rather quickly so that the eggs quickly clot. Add a little water, salt and flavoring to taste.
  5. Let stand briefly until the water is somewhat reduced, and then enter a bit of soy sauce so that it feels more powerful and stirring constantly until blended.
  6. Prepare a bowl and pour into a bowl and sprinkle with fried onions on top seblak. Seblak wet spicy prepared at present and seblak Eat while still warm.

This wet Seblak suitably enjoyed when the weather is cold, so it feels ust. Keen to try recipes wet seblak Bandung? good luck

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