Goat Meat "Krengsengan" Recipes

Since the stock of meat goat in the kitchen is still there, what if you make krengsengan Indonesian Food? Krengsengan is typical processed meat dishes and delicious native to Indonesia, especially East Java. Actually not only the lamb which can be processed into krengsengan, but also beef. It was savory and sweet, blend soy sauce and shrimp paste. How to make it too easy, without the use of coconut milk. 
Curious? Here's the recipe krengsengan : 
krengsengan recipe
½ kg mutton, may also be included if there is bone. Cut a small but not washed 
1 glass of water 
5 tablespoons soy sauce 
1 tablespoon shrimp paste (more if desired may be) 
4 curly red chilli, finely chopped 
2 ripe tomatoes, cut into pieces 
Seasoning mashed: 

3 cloves garlic 
4 red onions 
5 red pepper 
Pepper, salt 
fried onions 
How to cultivate: 

You coat the mutton pieces with soy sauce, paste, and spices, then let stand until absorbed. Cook over a frying pan with a little oil. 
Add water, and stir until the water dries up. If you want a more soupy, add more water to taste. Cook with small fire. 
Enter the red pepper slices, tomato slices, and allow it to wilt mixed with food. 
When it is cooked, turn off the heat and mutton krengsengan you are ready to serve.

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