Recipe Of Jakarta Tamarind Vegetable (Sayur Asem Jakarta)

Jakarta famous tamarind vegetable delicious style, and fit on the tongue a lot of people from a variety of other areas. It feels fresh, coming from young Javanese acid, also delicious as a complete blend of seasoning blend recipe. 
resep sayur asem jakarta
Jakarta tamarind vegetable also known to be very complete. There are many types of vegetables that are put into it, ranging from melinjo fruit, leaves melinjo, until the young jackfruit are also sometimes used. Well, you want to cook vegetables ala acid Jakarta too? Here are the Jakarta-style sour vegetable recipes: 


Sixth kg of beef broth tetelan for 
1 sweet corn, cut into small 
40gr melinjo fruit 
40gr boiled peanuts 
100gr young jackfruit 
1 bunch leaf melinjo 
1 bunch kale, cleaned and cut into small 
40gr manisa / squash, peeled and cut into small 
6 rods long beans, wash and cut into small 
2 bay leaves 
1 thumb galangal 
2 segment of young tamarind 

7 spring onions 
1 vertebra shrimp paste, roasted 
3 red chili sauce 
2-3 Pecan, fuel 
salt to taste 
Brown sugar to taste 
How to make: 

Meat boiled with 1 liter of water, and boil until tender. Insert pieces of young jackfruit, sweet corn and allow it to soft 
Put spices and bay leaves and tamarind and galangal. 
Once the spices to infuse into the meat, insert pieces of squash, peanuts, beans, papaya. 
Leave until soft, then enter melinjo leaves and kale. 
Remove and serve with fried dried salted fish and chili paste. FSayur avors.

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