How to prepare Meat Goats For Soft and More Delicious

If you dont know how to process the meat goat, here are some easy tips to make your goat meat is more tasty and tender when cooked. Whatever type of cooking, whether satay, curry, or goat soup, processing is a key way to make it more tender and delicious.
goat meat
  • Avoid washing
Do not get your goat meat exposed to water or washed before actually going to be cooked. This will make it hard and tough. Especially if you want to process into satay, keep it away from water. Cut into pieces alone, then soaked in grated pineapple and spices for a moment.
  • Discard the cooking water
When you want to process into a curry or soup, boiled first to boil and discard the cooking water first. It will make the dirt and grease wasted. This method also helps reduce odor prengus goat.
  • cucumber slices
Besides pineapple, cucumber slices are considered able to reduce the typical smell of goat. Small pieces of cucumber, then knead with goat meat. After that, let stand for a moment and clean.
  • Fresh milk for soup
To make a delicious goat soup, use a mixture of fresh milk. Or if you do not like, then clear broth soup was delicious goat consumed. Carrot mixture will also add flavor in the goat soup. In addition also adds nutrients.


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